No one can really measure the expanse of a mother’s love — the little and big things she does day in and day out, or the myriad of emotions she feels every time she looks at her child.

God could not be everywhere, so He created mothers.” – Jewish Proverb

Here at Quest, we devoted Friday, May 11, as that special day to honor our favorite Moms. The ‘Mommy & Me Taekwondo Class’ held from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. had our students and their Moms enjoying their time together, on and off the mat. This time was special to the kids too, to see their Moms doing TaeKwonDo and loving it! That’s just one of the things that makes mothers special.

Happy Mothers Day to our Quest TKD Moms!

We asked the Kids: “Of All the Things that Mom does, What are the Five Things you Really, Really Love about her? We wonder what they’re thinking…

While the rest are finishing their Mothers Day artwork and dedications, let’s pause for some “Cuteness” shots here…

So while the Kids are busy at the other side of the room, Moms had a chance to mingle with each other before they did their Dynamic Warmups and learned from Masters Vargas and Gildo the Basics of TaeKwonDo.

Invigorated and empowered, the Moms got to use what they’ve learned by Breaking Boards as their Kids cheered them on!!!

After all that heart-pounding experience of Board-Breaking, it’s time to sit down now, relax and listen to Master Vargas…

And It’s Fun Time for Everyone as Moms and Kids work Together. They did physical exercises (running, jumping jacks, push ups, burpees, sit ups) and held paddles for each other as they executed kicks and punches.

The Moment Every Mom has been Waiting For... “What are the Five Things my Kid Loves about Me.”  As they read what their Kids wrote, you can see from these Moms faces the looks of surprise, combined with laughter and disbelief! What did these Kids write? — But most of all, there is that undeniable look that can only be described as “Awwww…” because of the sweetest words Mom didn’t expect to hear.

We cherish these moments with our Quest Family and it is always our honor and privilege to hold these events. These are moments which will be embedded in these children’s hearts and moments which Moms can fondly look back on.

Thank you to all MOTHERS for their love, their sacrifices, for always making us feel that comfort and peace can simply be found in their hugs and embrace.

Whether you’re a Mom, a Dad or just someone looking into getting physically fit, check out our TaeKwonDo programs. You will surely find a class that will suit your specific needs.

Until our next feature Team Quest at the ITF… We wish everyone a wonderful and blessed week!

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