QUEST Taekwondo was founded in 2006 by former Filipino Olympian, Master Walter Dean Vargas.

Drawing upon several decades of experience on the world stage as a competitor, coach, and mentor, Master Vargas continues his QUEST to pass on his knowledge and to mold the next generation of Taekwondo champions.

At QUEST, we teach body control, balance, power, strength, and stamina all while instilling confidence, discipline, and integrity.

Explore our programs below and choose the right one for YOU…

Your QUEST Starts Here!


Fun, interactive, and easy to follow classes for children who are just starting their Quest.

Respect, patience, and perseverance — the Quest for your black belt starts here.

It’s never too late. Earn your black belt, have fun, get fit… This is where it all begins.

Learn basic gymnastic and aerial moves, how to use nunchucks and the bo staff, and be a part of the Demo Team.

Sparring / Forms at local, national, and international levels. Quest athletes always go for gold.

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Master Walter Dean Vargas

Owner / Head Instructor / Coach

Master Danny Gonzalez

Poomsae Team Coach / Trainer

Master Bobby Vargas


Ms. Kamille Carbon

Asst. Instructor


Fred Towns

“A super caring staff with the goal to teach Taekwondo to all ages and levels, creating a family learning experience. It’s about fitness, self-confidence, team spirit, participation, and self-defense. The classes invite those who want to take their skills to compete in local, state, national, and international tournaments. My daughter excelled under the leadership of Master Vargas and he honed her skills to earn a spot on Team USA and be number one in the U.S. 2 years in a row in her weight class. I have never seen this commitment in any school we had attended in the past. If you want to see and learn more about this, you should check them out. ”

Megan Cotugno

“We have been at Quest Taekwondo for almost 3 years and have been so, so happy with our experience. My boys learn a lot physically and mentally. We have recommended the studio to many friends and plan to stay with Quest up to and beyond the boys earning their black belts.”

Loyd Aler

“Great and outstanding place to learn and & train Taekwondo. We’ve seen [Master Vargas] since 1989 when I started learning TKD. He has inspired all of us with his capabilities, achievements, & excellence. For me, I’m giving him 5 stars for Quest TKD because Master Vargas is the instructor you will not just learn from, but you will excel your TKD skills.”

Sean Yee

“Hands down one of the best Taekwondo studios in Southern California. As the former director for UCLA Taekwondo, I always loved interacting with Quest. Their talent pool, leadership, and love for the sport and art of Taekwondo is unparalled. Go #QuestTKD!!!”


Black Belt of the Month: John Vega

Quest’s Black Belt of the month is John Stacy Vega, a 1st Dan Black Belt who’s currently training for his 2nd Dan promotion test this December. Not just the youngest 1st Dan Black Belt at Quest but also the youngest member of the Competition Team.

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Black Belt of the Month: Anjenika Enage

This month, we are featuring another 2nd Dan Black Belt, Ms. Anjenika Enage — Quest’s Black Belt for the month of July. Anjenika or “Anjen”, is a vivacious young lady with the courage of David… not fearing her Goliath.

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Black Belt of the Month: Benjamin Forsell

Let’s meet Quest’s Black Belt of the month — Benjamin Forsell. This seemingly quiet and reserved young man has a lot to say about his experiences in Taekwondo as well as some words of wisdom for his peers.

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