I’ve never met a girl who’s ready to smile and pose than our Black Belt of the month, Aleyah Cordero. Aleyah got her 1st Dan last June and as her way of giving back to her taekwondo family, she takes time to assist with the junior classes before she steps on the mat for her own class.

Fresh from her outstanding performance at the Yushen Lai tournamnet last month, having won gold in sparring and silver in poomsae, we decided to feature Aleyah this month to get to know her better as she lets us in on her goals, dreams and favorite things and to have her share words of inspiration for young people her age.

Aleyah, how old are you now and at what age did you start taekwondo? I am 10 years old and started Taekwondo when I was 5.”

What is it that you like about taekwondo and what is your ultimate goal as a taekwondo athlete? What I like the most about taekwondo is that it teaches me self-defense and how to protect myself. My ultimate goal as a taekwondo athlete is to get even better than where I am now.


Tell us about a peak moment in taekwondo, one that you are especially proud of and will never forget. When I got my very first blackbelt, I felt so surprised and my heart was pounding. I could not believe that I finally reached my black belt.”


In the tournaments you have competed in, what stands out the most for you that you would consider as the most challenging one? To me sparring is the most challenging because it’s a bit tiring, but you have to keep pushing and working hard!”

Other than being an avid taekwondo martial artist please share with us your other accomplishments outside of taekwondo. I’ve achieved principal awards from my elementary school. I’ve also taken swimming lessons and was a part of my church’s choir.


What advice would you give a beginner student who wants to be a black belt someday? —  I would like to tell them to focus and practice!


What are your favorite things?I like drawing anime characters. I also really love singing and dancing.”

How about pet peeves…what are things you just dislike?“I don’t have any pet peeves!”

If you were a fictional character who or what would you be and why that character? I want to be detective bunny, which is a fictional character from the Dog Man series! I also really like bunnies.”


Please finish this sentence: Most people don’t know that … I do animation videos!” Click here

If your friends and family were to describe you, what adjectives would they use? — “We would describe Aleyah as very hard working, and kind girl. She is very adventurous and determined to try new things. She is an amazing daughter and loves her family very much! Such a kind spirit we love you Aleyah work hard!”

If there is one famous person you could spend the whole day with, who would that be, and what would you talk about? — “It would be Michael Jackson and we’d talk about his music and dance moves, which is something I really admire.”

What do you think is the most important thing that young people these days should learn as they’re growing up? To focus in school and to put their 100% effort into everything they do!”


What words of wisdom can you share with other young people your age? Behave and respect your family because they work hard and love you so much.Wise words from Aleyah

Are there other things you want the readers to know about ‘ALEYAH CORDERO” that we haven’t asked you in this interview? I want to say thank you to my mom for always supporting me in my taekwondo journey and a big thanks to friends and family for cheering me on.”


Last but not the least, who are the special people you want to thank for helping you develop your character and talent and for providing you with life-giving instructions? I would love to thank Master Water Dean Vargas, Master Bobby Vargas, Miss Kamille Carbon, Miss Susan and of course my parents and sister. Thank you to all the leaders as well for guiding me towards success.”


Aleyah is always ready for her close-up as much as she’s always ready to put on that hogu and get on the mat to kick and punch the taekwondo way! She has so much life and energy, vivacity and gumption… and it’s infectious. We look forward to see what’s next for Aleyah as she continues with her taekwondo journey.

Visit us again next month for another “Up Close and Personal” with one of our engrossing and fascinating student personalities.

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Until then… Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ~ Winston Churchill



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