Our Black Belt of the month is Reinjen Challoy, a multi-talented young man who dabbles in art, music and is a ceaseless competitor in the field of Taekwondo. Reinjen is going for his 2nd Dan Black Belt next month, and he has purposed to prove himself even more competitive and outstanding in the tournaments to come.

“I am 12 years old and I started Tae Kwon Do when I was 4 years old.”

Why did your parents name you REINJEN? Is there a story behind the name? My parents waited for 5 years for their 2nd child and God granted what they wished for, a boy. My mother wanted a unique name for me. A name that I alone would have. Combining my father’s name, Rey his nickname Jong, my mother’s name Iris and my mother’s nickname Nenen together that makes Reinjen with the ‘J’ pronounced as a ‘Y’.”

Outside of taekwondo, who are the people you admire and why do you admire them?  “I admire my parents because they work very hard to help me get better and support me in Taekwondo.”

What is your favorite TKD move or form, and what do you like about it? “My favorite kick in Taekwondo is the axe kick because if you can get your kick fast and high enough the only thing your opponent can do is duck, block and hope they don’t get hit.

Tell us about a peak moment in taekwondo, one that is truly memorable to you. A peak moment in Taekwondo for me was when I got bronze in the U.S. Open, it showed that I was getting better.”

What advice would you give a white belt student who wants to be a black belt someday?Never give up on your sport no matter how hard it gets or how many people discourage you, keep working and eventually it’ll be worth it.”

Other than being good in taekwondo, what other accomplishments would you like to share with us? “An accomplishment that I have in school is my straight A’s and being a ‘know-it-al!'”

If you’re not on the mat training, what other activities do you enjoy? “I enjoy playing Piano/bass and playing with my family, I also like to hang out with my friends and play on my phone.”

If you were a fictional character who or what would you be and why that character?  “I would most likely be Saitama from One Punch Man. I want to be Saitama because he can defeat all his opponents in one punch.”

Please finish this sentence: “Most people don’t know that … . I’m really good at “ART”

If your friends and family were to describe you, what 5 adjectives would they use? They would describe me as Smart, Creative, a Problem Solver, and Funny and my mom would say I am a Sweetheart.”

Being a Black Belt, you already have virtues others admire. Would there be some other virtue you would like to acquire, and why? “I would like to be a little more patient because whenever I lose in a video game i get a little ticked off like when your writing something and someone accidentally nudges your hand messing you up so you’re not mad at them, but you’re a little ticked off.”

If there is one famous person (living or historical) whom you could spend the whole day with, who would that be and what would you talk about? “I would like to spend a day with Alexander Hamilton, and we would talk about how he became a prodigy.”

At school, what is your favorite subject and what do you like about it? “At school my favorite subject is science because it is so hands-on and you get to do experiments.”

What words of wisdom can you share with other young men your age?My words of wisdom are, “The best problems in life, are not your problems.”

Have you already thought about what profession you see yourself in years from now? “I would like to become a doctor someday because my family is immersed in the medical field.”

Lastly, tell us about your most important wish at this moment. Maybe someone who’s reading this can make that come true for you. “I would like to just become a better person in general and be more patient.”And we have it from our Black Belt of the Month, Reinjen Challoy – the Fight Team member with a very unique name. And as unique as his name is, this young man as you can see is very unique and don’t forget, a real “sweetheart”.

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