At the end of every tournament, our focus is on the final results – the number of gold, silver or bronze medals that were garnered. What we fail to see is how many times these athletes have to get in the ring to advance to the next level, the stamina required to keep on going and the spirit needed to succeed.

In this year’s AAU State Qualifiers there were over 190 competitors in the Sparring event alone at CSU’s Matadome Gym. Quest’s Fight Team arrived with 14 athletes, and the same 14 athletes went home proud of what they have accomplished knowing that they have given their all, and their medals tell the story.

To all who competed: It’s not just about winning… it’s about believing in yourself and never giving up!

Behind every great athlete is a masterful coach that inspires the athlete to evolve into the strongest performer they can become.“- Cathy Engelbert
That masterful coach is personified by our own Master Vargas –
the very epitome of the “Man behind the Scene”.
Aaahhh…  the faces of “Victory” always brighten up a Blog page!
To our Quest Fight Team, to our Coach, and to all the Parents who supported not just their children, but also each other – We salute you!
Truly Quest Taekwondo is not just a school… it is a Family!



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