Board Breaking is so much fun if you’re doing it the right way – which means you just break the board and not your hands or feet! The secret is Technique.

As in any other martial art, board-breaking is also part of Taekwondo, and we here at Quest make sure that our students – in all levels – are trained in the correct way, using the right techniques.

So before we bring out the boards, here’s Master Gildo instructing the class-Different moves to break a board: Hammer Fist, Knife, Hand and Elbow moves.

Master Vargas had students demonstrate some of the Kicking techniques:       Front Kick, Roundhouse, Side Kick and Axe Kick

Before we start the fun, let’s warm-up then get some very important training!


With Master Gildo showing her the right way… SHE DID IT!!

Let’s see how the rest did with their boards…

Now it’s time for some foot action…

And last but not the least, let’s give it up for our cutest students, the future Olympians – The awesome Taekis!!!

That was so much fun!  We’d like to thank our coaches, Master Vargas and Master Gildo, and all the student assistants for the training and encouragement they’ve given our students. And to all our students, what an awesome job all of you did! If this was your first time breaking a board, you probably didn’t even know that you could do it… but you did!

Most adults don’t realize that the simplest  and mundane act of breaking a board is an enormous accomplishment to a child. And any sense of accomplishment helps with a child’s confidence, character and self-esteem – just like how sunshine and water help a plant grow!

Until next time… Thank you Quest Family for making April 25 such a fun day!

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