There is no perfect way to be a mother. Each situation is unique. Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children. What matters most is that a mother loves her children deeply. ~ by Elder M. Russell Ballard

It is no secret that Moms are one of the most awesome kinds of humans on this planet. So here at Quest, we were proud to honor our SuperMoms during our “Mommy & Me” Mother’s Day Event, last Friday, May 12th.

The event began with music and a photo booth! No Mom party is complete without a photo opportunity, right? We cherish every moment we have with our mothers – and we like to keep proof of those moments. Look how beautiful these moms and their children are…

(Click on a photo to enlarge, view on a mini slideshow, and see the names of those pictured.)

Hey! How did Master Gildo get in there with Lea?! 😉

And a special photo op of Master Gildo with Lea!

After the fun photo session, the kids and their Moms were then divided into two, specialized activities.

On one side, the Leadership Team helped the kids to lovingly make Mother’s Day Gratitude Cards for their Moms.

While the kids were busy with their masterpieces, the Moms participated in a Self Defense Class led by Master Vargas.

After the specialized group activities, the Moms and kids were brought back together for some fun drills. It was a delight to see all the Moms doing their best to execute the Taekwondo moves that their kids do everyday. It was an opportunity, not just for bonding, but for Moms to show just how strong they are too!

Here’s a breakdown of the awesome (challenging, but fun) moves that the Moms and kids did together:

  • family push ups
  • kids on mom’s back while she does push ups
  • hold hands and skip
  • family jumping jacks
  • moms (animal/bear) crawls with kids on their backs
  • sled pulls
  • kids jump up and touch pad with 2 hands
  • kids hold pads while moms do sit ups
  • moms hold pads while kids jump kick
  • kids hold pads while moms do leg raisers
  • balance kicks
  • back to back and pass pads with two hands
  • toss pads back and forth
  • mom toss pads and kids punch pads back

Watch a few short video clips for a glimpse into that awesomeness…

And for the extreme show of SuperMom Powers, the Moms got to break a board, too!

WHEW! Sounds like a lot of work, but with Moms and kids working together, it was 100% pure awesome!

After sweating it out on the floor together, it was time to eat. Kids had their all-time favorite pizzas while Moms were treated to some yummy, healthy food.

With their tummies full, it was then time to make Mom’s heart full. Everyone was invited on the mat for the reading of the Mother’s Day “Gratitude Cards.”

Finally, the event ended with an award. The winner of the Free 1 Month of Self Defense Class was Ms. Hellen Kim!

We are honored to have been given the chance to celebrate Mother’s Day with our Quest family and friends. We hope they had as much fun as we did — and that the event becomes a memory they will all treasure for a long time to come.

**Special Thanks to our Leadership Team Members who came to help during our special day!

  • Nick Alejo
  • Christophe Goeminne
  • Kamille Carbon
  • Cyrilla Zhang
  • Jenicole Enage
  • Victoria Keller

Until next time!

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