It’s that time of the month again… Here to lead March is our super Black Belt of the Month, Benjamin Bacher!

1. How old are you now and what age did you start TKD? I started TKD when I was four years old and now I am eleven years old.

2. Who is your favorite TKD athlete and why? Master Gildo is my favorite TKD athlete. He is a good teacher and although he is strict, he is caring. I admire how he has worked hard to achieve his dream.

3. Name one or two of your heroes. What makes them heroic to you? (Does not have to be someone in TKD) One of my heroes is my older cousin Evan. Evan is funny, caring and supportive of me. Evan has shown me how to never give up on my dreams. When Evan was little he had the dream to become a piano player and composer. Because he worked hard, went to college and was determined to achieve his goals, he is now working doing what he loves.

4. What are your hobbies? My hobbies are baseball, playing the trombone, reading, Tae Kwon Do, and playing video games.

5. Name one of your accomplishments outside of TKD. I made the Academic Honor Roll and the District Honor Band two years in a row.

6. What’s one silly fact about you? I can lick my elbow.

7. What are some of your favorite subjects in school? My favorite subjects are Math and Science.

8. Finish this sentence “I would love to be the cartoon…” character Ezra Bridger because he is very brave and adventurous, while saving the galaxy from the Empire, in Star Wars Rebels.

9. Tell us about a peak moment in TKD, one that you are especially proud of and will never forget. A peak moment for me was earning my first black belt. It was a goal that I had for a really long time, that I worked hard to achieve.

10. What is your favorite TKD move or form? What do you like about it?
My favorite move is the sidekick because it is a very powerful and unexpected move.

11. What are 5 adjectives your friends and family would use to describe you? Smart, determined, kind, funny, and adaptable.


12. If you could have any virtue, what would it be and why? Trustworthiness, because then everyone would trust me and I would be very dependable.

13. What are three of your favorite foods? Ice cream, steak, and toast.

14. What kind of music do you listen to? I like the music from the game Undertale™.

15. What is something that few people know about you? I play the trombone.

16. What advice would you give a white belt that wants to get his/her black belt someday too? Some advice that I would give to a white belt is to first never give up. Second, to always believe in yourself. Next, to try your best. And finally, even if you fail, to not see it as a bad thing and learn from your mistakes.

17. Lastly, share one goal in life you would like to achieve someday. To eventually break the brick!

Thank you for joining us again this month to learn more about one of our Black Belt Leaders. We are always happy to know that our athletes are active and happy outside of the studio too!

We hope you’ll come back again next month to meet another one of our amazing Quest athletes. If you’d like to meet them sooner, come by the studio and we’ll introduce you to the team in person!

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