The road to being a Black Belt requires a lot of dedication, perseverance and endurance. One’s character is challenged by the discipline required to attain to this level not to mention the rigorous training involved.

Last May 26, 2018, 6 very deserving candidates had to prove to our judges that they are worthy to earn that belt, and 2 current 1st Dan Black Belts had to prove doubly hard that they have what it takes to earn that second stripe.

Black Belt Test Program

  • Testing Time: 2 pm to 5 pm
  • Test Materials: From basic techniques, poomsae, breakfalls, kicks, takedowns to weapons, sparring and grappling skills, board-breaking
  • 1st Dan Candidates: Nicanor Enage, Cayden Kahan, David Lee, Eliza Steere, John Tian and Desmond Vaughs
  • 2nd Dan Candidates: Michael Hwang and Cyrilla Zhang

Our Judges are: Master Walter Dean Vargas and Master Danny Gonzalez. The Test itself will be conducted by Master Gildo.

With a production this big, we need a supporting cast, so please meet our Black Belt leaders.

At the gallery, we have our loyal supporters — Let’s meet the Parents!

And the Testing Begins… Basic Motions, Techniques and Kicks.





Weapons Skills demonstrated by our 2nd Dan Candidates.


SPARRING! One-on-one and Two against One

BOARD BREAKING! Using Fists, Elbows and Feet

After this rigorous testing, our very deserving candidates are ready to receive what they have been waiting for. And it is their Parents’ joy to award them their belts.

Thank You Everyone for Joining Us to Celebrate these new Black Belts and 2nd Dan Black Belts. Thank You to all the Parents, Black Belt Assistants, Master Gildo, Master Vargas and Master Gonzalez, and our Coordinator, Ms. Erika.

“My Black Belt Journey” – What being a Black Belt Means to Me

To all future Black Belts, keep on persevering, hold on to your dreams, keep the discipline. “The Price of Greatness is Responsibility.” – Winston Churchill

If you’re interested to start your own Black Belt journey, please check out our classes and programs.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND INFORMATION: Please give us a call at (310) 316-3591 or email us at

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