One Friday a month, Quest hosts a totally free “Parent’s Night Out” for our students as well as their family and friends. Last Friday, November 3rd, we did something a little different.

As part of our efforts to give back to the community, Quest provided free childcare for Alta Vista Elementary students while their parents attended a school PTA meeting. Although they were probably riveted by the PTA proceedings, parents could check in on and watch their kids via a live Facebook video feed.

Led by Master Gildo and Coach Luigi, the fun night started with a couple rounds of dodge ball, followed by a brief martial arts class, martial arts-based games, and a pizza/juice snack time. After that, the kids enjoyed an in-studio viewing of Sing and Despicable Me 3.

Take a peek at some of the fun happenings that night…

We thank the Alta Vista parents for entrusting their children to us that fun evening. We hope to see them and their kids back in the studio soon.

Finally, thank you to the Black Belt Leaders who assisted during this special event. As always, we appreciate your willingness to serve with a smile.

Christophe, Sachi, RJ, and Benjamin

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