The road to victory is never easy. It also always feels longer than it really is. But when your goal is set, nothing can sway you – not even those hot, sweaty days when you just feel like collapsing into a heap of fluff on the floor and sleeping until tomorrow.

The Quest Fight Team members are not made of fluff. They are made of solid work ethics, unbreakable wills, and hopeful hearts.

In the span of 2 weeks, they trained 2-3 times a day — morning, afternoon, and evening sessions of intense practice that would make Michael Jordan cry tears of joy.

There were new rules to learn, extensive drills to run to develop muscle memory, and sparring techniques to perfect. But most of all, there were mental obstacles to tackle.

A true athlete must win against himself above all else. The rigorous, two-week long training aimed to give athletes the chance to rise above their self-doubts and overcome their fears.

Within two weeks, athletes found their inner voices and brought out the warriors within. Every training session was an outlet for hidden potentials to explode. Weaknesses were brought to the light, corrected, and made better. Strengths were made stronger still.

Camaraderie and team morale reached an all-time high. And what started out as a scattered bunch of talented athletes, in the end, became one, solid mass of energy — a true team with one goal in mind: TO WIN.

Quest Nationals Camp 2017

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