In the world of Taekwondo, the strongest friendships are forged through blood, sweat, and tears. The ones that last, survive distance and time. And although friends may go separate ways at one point, the lucky ones see their paths cross once more in later years.

This holds true for Master Vargas and his former Philippine Taekwondo Teammates, Masters Ulysses Marcelino and Irine Marcelo of Excel Taekwondo.

Master Vargas with Team Excel

Once upon a time, they trained and competed together. Now, their students compete against each other. However, as their friendship still holds true, training together was an event that left everyone in happy spirits.

When Team Excel came to cross-train with our Quest students, everyone benefitted. As Master Vargas led the class, along with the assistance of our own Masters Gildo and Fernand, students performed drills together to work on essential fighting moves.

In addition, students were able to practice competition-like sparring with the use of “Daedo” equipment. Training with the latest technology is just one of many ways that Quest TKD ensures the highest quality of training there is. Students were able to implement the techniques they learned during drills, and at the same time, practice the art of scoring.

We thank Team Excel for a great training day. We look forward to another cross-training session with them in the future. In the meantime, we’ll see them on the mat!


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