There are students who just have that impact on you even at the age of 9, then you see them all grown up and what caused them to stand out then still remains after 8 years. Our August Black Belt of the Month, Ross ‘RJ’ Moore, is that impactful young kid of 8 years ago, still growing and becoming to be the responsible young man that all parents wish for and all mentors are proud of.

How old are you now and at what age did you start taekwondo?  —  “I am 17 years old and I started Taekwondo when I was 7.”

Outside of taekwondo, who are your heroes and why do you admire them?  —  “Outside of taekwondo, my hero is my grandpa because no matter what I’m going through he always knows how to calm me down. My grandpa reminds me a lot of the book the ‘Giving Tree’, he is always passing down his knowledge to me or teaching me a new lesson about life.  I have a wonderful family!”

What is your favorite TKD move or form, and what do you like about it?  —  “My favorite TKD move is 45 because that is my strongest kick.”

Tell us about a peak moment in taekwondo, one that you are especially proud of and will never forget.   —   “A peak moment in taekwondo for me was when I won the AAU Nationals in the Fin division.”

And he has garnered other medals after that!

What advice would you give a white belt student who wants to be a black belt someday? An advice I would give to a white belt is to: ‘Never lose sight of your goals in life whether they be in taekwondo or outside of taekwondo, and it may seem like black belt is far away but never lose focus on working for your black belt.”


Other than being good in taekwondo, are there any other accomplishments you want to share with us?  —   “Other than taekwondo, I have been sailing for 12 years.”

While we’re waiting for pictures of RJ the Sailor, for now, we’ll show you the “don’t” of sailing…

Which school subjects do you like best and what do you like about them?  —  “My favorite school subject is history because i think the back story of something is interesting.”

We believe there’s a “back” story too behind this friendship… ‘Robin needs his Batman!’

What are your favorite things… hobbies you spend your time on?  —  “Other than taekwondo I’m usually sailing, or spending time with my grandparents.”


If you were a fictional character who or what would you be and why that character? — “I’d choose to be Robinson Crusoe because he led a life of adventure.”


Please finish this sentence: “Most people don’t know that I…  go sailing with my dad and friends.

RJ is currently sailing as I’m finishing this blog.

If your friends and family were to describe you, what 5 adjectives would they use? Annoying (that would come from Sachi), Funny, Happy.”

And since RJ only gave 3, I’ll add 2 based on my observation of him: Humble and Respectful.

Being a Black Belt, you already have virtues others admire, but would there be some other virtue you would like to acquire, and why?  — Patience is a virtue I wish I had more of because I tend to rush over things.

If there is one famous person, living or historical, that you can spend the whole day with who would it be and what would you talk about?  —   “A famous person I would chose to spend the day with would be Clint Eastwood because I grew up watching westerns starring Mr. Eastwood and I enjoyed a lot of his movies with my grandpa. I’d ask him… ‘How’s it going?’ “

Most of your contemporaries listen to a particular artist or music. Do you have your own favorites and why do you like them? “My favorite artists are The Marshall Tucker Band, ELO, The Who and The Doors. I like them because that’s what I grew up listening to.”

This is a question people you know have been asking you — “What car are you getting, RJ?” — “I’m getting a 1970 ford f250 Camper Special!”

What words of wisdom can you share with other kids your age? . — “ Don’t take yourself too seriously!”

Lastly, tell us about your most important wish at this moment (other than getting your car). Maybe someone who’s reading this can make your wish come true… — My only wish at this moment is that everything stays the same. I’m pretty happy with the way things are going right now in my life.”

There is so much in store for Ross ‘RJ’ Moore, and we can’t wait to see what other competitions he’ll triumph over, whether in taekwondo or in the everyday challenges of life. While wisdom and discernment comes through experience, and knowledge is handed down by parents and grandparents, a person’s character is his own to develop. This seemingly quiet young man is surely molding himself to be a role model for the younger kid he’s teaching and coaching here at Quest.

I look forward to seeing RJ Moore, version 3.0, 4 years from now!

Don’t forget to check in next month as we interview another amazing Black Belt. If you’re in the South Bay area, swing by Quest Taekwondo before you hit the beach!

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