The USAT Nationals is the biggest Taekwondo event in the world, bringing in over 4,000 participants from different age groups from all over the country. It is the ‘Emerald City’ that taekwondo athletes travel to as they kick their way down the yellow brick road to qualify for this event. This year’s tournament was held at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Quest’s FIGHT TEAM, came ready for battle!

Day 1 (July 3) finds Reinjen Challoy as Team Quest’s first athlete to enter the ring making it to round of 16

Day 2 (July 4) delivered Gold for Chandler Torres, Bronze for Ena Arroyo and saw RJ Moore making it to the Quarter Finals

Day 3 (July 5) of the Nationals ends with Tyler Tabil and Luisse Ratunil as quarter finalists

Day 3 of the AAU added medals to these athletes’ collection: Aldo Dominguez – Gold, Aliahna Daling – Silver, and Sachi Moore – Bronze


Day 4 (July 6) celebrated our very own Ms. Maria Kaiser with a 10-8 win for the Gold Medal!

Day 5 (July 7) finds Reian Challoy as a quarter finalist

Day 6 (July 8) produced the Bronze medalist in the -35 kg. division, Shelley Dilag, with Chloe Tabil making it to round of 16!

Congratulations to Quest’s FIGHT TEAM! Victory was well earned for these outstanding athletes who trained so hard to get to where they are. Thank you to our very own Master Vargas, for the incomparable support and tutelage he has provided… and continue to provide to all his students.

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Until our next event We wish everyone a wonderful … and comfortable summer, especially if you’re going through our local California heat!

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