Welcome to our very first Taekwondo Kick Challenge! This past Spring Break, we challenged our Quest students to show us their best kick, wherever they were vacationing.

The submissions were more than great, they were outstanding! Looking at these photos shows just how much our students love Taekwondo. Also, they looked like fun!

Here is IRAIA SASTRE showing her true form at Monument Valley and Antelope Canyons in Arizona. She looks just as solid and strong as those rock formations!

Next is CAMILLE CASILES who visited Silver Strand Beach in Coronado, California. She’s as beautiful as the scenery, wouldn’t you agree?

Another Coronado traveler is MEREDITH BACHER. With an array of sea vessels behind her, that awesome “45” kick is a sure goal for color belts and her fellow black belts to achieve!

Then there’s CHRISTOPHE GOEMINNE who showed us his style in front of a cool U.S. Air Force Fighter Jet at Camp Marby National Guard Base in Austin, Texas.

Next is CAYDEN KAHAN who went to the historic Ka’Anapali Beach in Maui, Hawaii. This beach used to be a place of retreat for the royalty of Maui. No wonder Cayden looked so royally grand doing his best kick there!

We also have LAUREN and MICHAEL HWANG who bravely hiked to the top of the Sedona Summit Trail in Arizona. We think we can safely say that their high kicks were the “highest” kicks we’ve ever seen!

Our next adventurer went all the way to another country! MAX HAUENSTEIN was at Hakone Yumoto Onsen Yoshiike in Kanagawa, Japan. The Japanese garden and historic villa created a beautiful backdrop for his amazing kick!

Then we have DANIELLE KIM — another traveler who went to great heights (422 feet above sea level, overlooking the bay and the ocean, to be exact) to showcase her best kick to the world! (Too bad that lady on her phone missed it, right?)

We also have a pair of daring desert dudes, GRAHAM and AIDEN LUNZER, who didn’t let the heat stop them from performing their best kicks at Ocotillo Wells SVRA in Borrego Springs, CA!

Then we have a set of siblings whose camping skills go hand-in-hand with their kicking skills. JENIC, NIC, and ANJEN ENAGE camped out in Lake Casitas, CA. Their kicks were even better than the roasted marshmallows they were munching on! (Maybe.)

Finally, we have a few wanderers who used the beach as their stage for their magnificent kicks.

ELYSE CHO displayed how her Taekwondo kicks are as graceful as the waves of the sea in The Bahamas!

Then we have another beautiful beach goer, ALEYAH CORDERO, showing how her kick is as powerful the ocean!

And last, but not least, our very own Masters Gildo and Fernand, with perfect form and flying high, demonstrated their skills in beautiful Malibu, California!

While we wish we could’ve visited all those wonderful places too, we’re very thankful to our Quest families for taking the time to stop and accept our challenge. We’re thrilled to have seen their amazing kicks amidst such beautiful places.

We can’t wait to see more until then next Kick Challenge! Summer, maybe? Stay tuned! 😉

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