Parents Night-Out, Kids Night In! We are pretty sure that this is the time of the month that Quest Kids and their friends look forward to. What fun it is to jump, run around, throw a ball at someone and not be told to STOP! Oh, we have all of those during our Quest PNOjust keep on reading…

Master Gildo: “Now that you’re here, we are all gonna have fun!

But first, these kids need to listen more to Master Gildo, and we all can see that they really are paying close attention.

And the FUN begins – we’re going to do some warm-ups: stretches, push-ups, and even a short dance!

Master Gildo: I am going to show you guys a new game using taekwondo moves.”

It’s time for your close-up, kids! Say “CHEESE”!

Is she gonna say, “Go Fish“? You’re in trouble now, Ms. Erika.

Now this is what we’ve been waiting for DODGEBALL!”

Time does fly when you’re having fun and these kids truly had that! It’s time now for them to wind down and get their batteries recharged — it’s time for pizza and juice, and time to find a perfect spot to watch the movie feature of the night. It’s been a perfect day at Quest Taekwondo! We wonder how Mom and Dad are doing… We are positive that they didn’t play ‘dodgeball’ (or did they?)

THANK YOU everyone for joining us here at Quest for another fun-filled Parents Night-Out. We hope to see you again at our next PNO, on June 29. Moms and Dads, mark your calendars and be sure to sign up early for this event.

If you are just visiting our website and need more details or information about Quest Taekwondo, please give us a call at (310) 316-3591 or email us at We will be very happy to answer your questions and give you more details about our classes and programs. If you’re in the neighborhood, please do stop by — we’d love to meet you!


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