According to a study by The National Marriage Project, there are five benefits to having a Date Night:

  1. It offers an opportunity for couples to communicate – which, in turn, help couples “deepen their understanding of one another and the relationship.”
  2. It is valuable for their novelty – because “couples who engage in novel activities that are fun and active…enjoy higher levels of relationship quality.”
  3. It “may strengthen or rekindle that romantic spark that can be helpful in sustaining the fires of love over the long haul.”
  4. It may strengthen a couple’s sense of commitment to each other.
  5. It is a stress reliever because it allows couples a chance to temporarily detach themselves from the concerns of their ordinary life while, at the same time, enabling couples to “extend emotional support to one another in times of trial.”

So…when was the last time you went on a date with your spouse – without the kids? We can help with that!


Here at Quest, we offer a FREE Parent’s Night Out, every month, to all our members AND friends. From 6-10 pm, parents can dispense with the pricey babysitter and rest assured the kids will be entertained, fed, and safe. That’s FOUR HOURS of parental freedom – for free!

happy parents having dinner

Just look how happy Mr. and Mrs. Ambite were, last Saturday, on their dinner date. But before heading out, they dropped off their kids, Alex and Sarah, at our April Parent’s Night Out event for a kid’s night of fun, too!

In fact, we are happy to share that several parents took advantage of this night and we had about 28 kids that evening.


As with any event that Quest holds, we started the fun-filled night by discussing a few basic rules — to keep everyone safe at all times.

  • Charyeot = attention = be still and listen to the coaches
  • Focus – your ears, eyes, mind, and body
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • Have fun!
listening skills

Master Gildo instructing the kids about the “basic rules” before the fun begins!


Instead of staying home with a babysitter, overdosing on T.V. and video games, and being bored, the kids at Quest were entertained with highly active (and super fun) games such as dodge ball, basic acrobat training, and a relay race — just to name a few.

go team

Then, after buring off so much energy, we let them cool off and calm down over the all-time, kid-favorite dinner of cheese/pepperoni pizza and juice (or water). After first lining up to wash their hands in the restroom, the kids sat around the mats and waited for the Black Belt Leaders to serve the food and drinks. Having the BB Leaders serve the kids is just another way for them to learn humility and respect for everyone – including lower belts and others. Needless to say, almost everyone had seconds and thirds!

Finally, to complete the evening, everyone gathered around to watch the movie, The Secret Life of Pets. And then during pick-up time, the movie Minions was also shown.

watching a movie


We hope that our Quest family enjoyed their evening last Saturday. We give our well wishes to the parents of Quest — that at the very least, they were able to de-stress for one night this month.

We’d like to extend special thanks to Master Gildo, Master Fernand, and Ms. Rosario Perez for supervising and leading the night. In addition, we’re grateful to have such helpful and responsible Black Belt Leaders (Christophe Goeminne, Aiden Lunzer, Graham Lunzer, and Alex Ambite) during the event.


Save the date! Saturday, May 27th is our next Parent’s Night Out. If you know a friend who is a Quest member, ask how they could take the kids to Quest for a free evening of fun. Or, just contact us! We’re sure it’ll be a win/win for both the parents and the kids!

See you then!

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