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Black Belt of the Month: Jenicole Enage

The spirit of a competitor cannot be gauged by age, height or size, and our July Black Belt of the Month, Jenicole Enage, is a perfect example of why we should not measure an athlete’s potential based on the angelic smile beaming from the face of a child.

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Alta Vista Elementary Field Day – June 19, 2018

As part of Quest’s community outreach, we held a TaeKwonDo class for all Alta Vista elementary students from Pre-School to 5th grade during their annual Field Day. There is no better way to start the day, 8:30 in the morning, than to be greeted with the enthusiasm and energy these kids have.

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Daddy & Me TKD Class – June 16, 2018

We celebrate our Quest dads on Father’s Day and “Daddy & Me” Taekwondo classes have been a tradition here at Quest. Last June 16 was not just a day when Dads showed their kids that they can also do what their kids are doing, but more importantly, it was a day that Dads made their kids know that they enjoy doing it more with them.

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Quest’s New Black Belts – May 26, 2018

The road to being a Black Belt requires a lot of dedication, perseverance and endurance. One’s character is challenged by the discipline required to attain to this level not to mention the rigorous training involved.

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“My Black Belt Journey” – May 26, 2018

Quest proudly presents its new group of Black Belts! Last May 26, 2018 was the day these 8 taekwondo students were eagerly anticipating — The culmination of all the hard work they’ve put into this martial art discipline.

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Black Belt of the Month: Ena Ysabella Arroyo

Our June Black Belt of the Month, Ena Ysabella Arroyo, is tough, fearless and devastating as a kyorugi competitor (and to a taekwondo layperson… that means “sparring”). And as masterful as she is with her hands and feet when competing, you’ll find out that her fingers can also gracefully create symphonies!

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Parents Night Out – May 25, 2018

Parents Night-Out, Kids Night In! We believe that this is the time of the month that Quest Kids and their friends look forward to. What fun it is to jump, run around, throw a ball at someone and not be told to STOP!

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25th ITF TKD FEST – MAY 19 & 20, 2018

In this year’s tournament, the 25th anniversary of ITF, Team Quest came with both Colored Belts and Black Belt competitors, all trained, ready and inspired to prove their best in the respective fields they are competing in.

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