Happy New Year everyone! Here to start off another extraordinary year is our extraordinary Black Belt of the Month, Aiden Lunzer!

1. How old are you now and what age did you start TKD? I’m 11 and started TKD when I was 4.

2. Who is your favorite TKD athlete and why? Master Vargas; he competed in the Olympics!
3.Name one or two of your heroes. What makes them heroic to you? (Does not have to be someone in TKD)  Michael Phelps, he is the best swimmer in the world and he has ADHD. That inspires me.
4. What are your hobbies? Playing guitar, singing, swimming and water polo
5. Name one of your accomplishments outside of TKD. I won the Most Inspiring Junior Lifeguard Award this summer.

6. What’s one silly fact about you? I am in the water and sun so much that people often ask me if I highlight my hair. (I don’t!!!)
7. What are some of your favorite subjects in school? Science and music
8. Finish this sentence “I would love to be (name cartoon character) because ______…” The Roadrunner from Looney Tunes because he can run fast and he never dies.
9. Tell us about a peak moment in TKD, one that you are especially proud of and will never forget I will never forget achieving my black belt after training for six years and getting to use nunchucks for the first time.
10. What is your favorite TKD move or form? What do you like about it? I like the jumping side kick because I get to fly in the air and it looks cool!

11. What are 5 adjectives your friends and family would use to describe you? Loving, creative, artistic, stubborn and musical.
12. If you could have any virtue, what would it be and why? Gratefulness, because I want others to know how much I appreciate them and the things they do for me. I feel very blessed.
13. What are three of your favorite foods? Cheese quesadillas, salmon nigiri and cheese pizza
14. What kind of music do you listen to? Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars
15. What is something that few people know about you? I’m a certified scuba diver!

16. What advice would you give a white belt who wants to get his/her black belt someday too? Keep practicing and never give up. It’s worth all of the hard work and being a black belt is fun!
17. Lastly, share one goal in life you would like to achieve someday. I would like to be a professional guitar player.

Thank you for joining us again this month to learn more about one of our Black Belt Leaders. We are very proud of Aiden for having accomplished much in- and outside of Taekwondo.

And we wish you all a new year full of as much (or more) adventures as Aiden has had. Maybe we’ll see you in the studio as you start your own Taekwondo Black Belt adventure this year too. 😉 It’s never too late to start!

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