Quest TKD has always been an avid participant of the International Taekwondo Festival (ITF)— one of the most prestigious tournaments in the United States, hosted by the 2000 Olympic USA Team Head Coach GM Young In Cheon.

In this year’s tournament, the 25th anniversary of ITF, Team Quest came with both Colored Belts and Black Belt competitors, all trained, ready and inspired to prove their best in the respective fields they are competing in.

Every Color Belt needs a Black Belt hero, just like Robin needed Batman — (Vince Cotugno with his hero, RJ Moore)

May 19 — First day of the tournament produced medals upon medals for these outstanding Colored Belts in the Poomsae division of the competition, as well as the Grassroot Sparring events after that (L-R: L. JOTIE, D. HWANG, L. TAFESSE)

A quote shared by proud mom Megan Cotugno, commenting on the invaluable experience Vince earned in this tournament.

May 20 — Second day of the tournament was not only heart-pounding, but also “mat-pounding” as kicks collided with “hogus” and points changed on the board in the World-Class Sparring events!

-The Grand Finale, the Culmination of ITF, the Awarding of the Much-Deserved Medals- It takes a lot of heart and courage for every athlete to walk to the center of those rings, but that’s exactly what TaeKwonDo teaches — Discipline, Determination and Decisiveness. Congratulations to everyone who competed in this tournament!

The Challoy Brothers, Reinjen and Reian Jon


Thank you Team Quest for once again proving yourselves strong and magnanimous in your victories. Thank you to Master Vargas, Ms. Erika and all the Black Belts who assisted with our Color Belts’ warm up.

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Until our next feature We wish everyone a wonderful and blessed week and a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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